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06-02-2010 1:21:58 PM CST
Do you know who Professor Simon Greenleaf is, was, did?

06-01-2010 12:19:42 PM CST
What can I do to make this world a better place to live? Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
05-31-2010 12:51:39 PM CST
To Pinky - I don't believe there has ever been a person that has had a life without struggle or suffering. A strong spiritual life makes the struggles and sufferings easier to bear.

Solo Answers
05-31-2010 12:38:50 PM CST
To SunShine - You sound like a really nice chick. Would you send me a picture of your boat. LOL

05-30-2010 6:32:01 AM CST
Can you tell me the name of any character in the Bible that led a blessed life from start to finish? I am trying to find a story in the Bible where the character was blessed by God from cradle to the grave without any suffering or incident. Does it exist?

05-29-2010 10:53:47 AM CST
To Junior: Like Jesus, I've always tried to show love, and speak if I have to. Actions speak louder than words.

05-29-2010 10:27:52 AM CST
I have looked but I can't find it. Where in the Bible is the phrase "I love you" spoken by God or Jesus? The phrase is used in the past tense and future tense but not the present tense. What's up with that?

05-28-2010 1:24:06 PM CST
I don't have a religion just a relationship.

05-28-2010 11:33:03 AM CST
To Yard Dog - You can never give a whippin like the Lord can, and will. Sit back a minute and watch.

05-28-2010 11:29:41 AM CST
To Yard Dog: If you whip a man with your fist, he will hate you for life. If you whip a man with Godly intelligence, he will respect you for life.

Yard dog
05-28-2010 1:52:10 AM CST
Some people are so hard headed they don't understand anything less than a good a..whippin. The Bible is full of stories where a good old a..whippin was called for and supported. Do you think God changed his mind about that? Wildchild do you hear me? I can help.

Solo Answers
05-23-2010 8:19:00 AM CST
To Oneshot: It is our goal to let people know it doesn't matter to God your social position or training. Jesus talked among all people, from the street people to the pompous elites. What are you doing to serve Christ?

05-23-2010 2:16:04 AM CST
It appears to me your website doesn't have any reverence to God. Don't you think he deserves all the respect and honor of the highest and mightest ruler of the world?

05-20-2010 4:16:23 AM CST
Hey Sparky, If your talkin about that Revelation thing with the white horse, wasn't that a dream? I sometimes get mixed up with the parables, dreams and the real thing.

05-13-2010 7:35:05 PM CST
When a person dies do they go straight to heaven or are they laying en-wait for Jesus to return? Any ideas when that might be? come-back

05-10-2010 12:20:55 AM CST
To - Cool Breeze - Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. Mr. Breeze, the sun shines on both the good and bad. If it weren't for the bad times you could not appreciate the good ones. Life on this planet is only a proving or improving ground for the next life to come. Some people have to let life slap them around pretty hard, before they turn to the spirit of God for relief. As for the innocent who suffer or die young, you can be sure there was a Godly benefit and purpose for it. Someone was affected. Angels flying to close to the ground don't say long. Remember the blessings of the time you were given with them. What we consider as pain and suffering is relative only to our minds-eye. One of the Catholic Popes was asked about his severe pain and suffering; he replied by saying "I thank God for it." (It took me a while to digest that response.)

05-09-2010 11:56:56 PM CST
To Digger - Success, freedom and Happiness is measured in dollars and cents by the shallow minded. True happiness, success, and freedom is measured by how much you have given to others. Many people are truly rich but have few possessions. I used to be told "The one who dies with the most toys, wins". That is so far from the truth, but I believed it till I became a slave to my possessions. Stuff don't make you happy for very long. Kindness, and compassion does.

05-09-2010 11:42:21 PM CST
To Hotfoot - Generational curse exists, from the perspective that if you learned a bad or sinful habit or characteristic from your parents or perhaps you have taught one to your children. "Ring, Ring, tell whoever that is on the phone I'm not here." Liar. "I'm not angry that you stole those groceries; I'm angry cause you got caught". "It's okay to cheat or rip-off the customers as long as there is nothing they can do about it." Are these the kind of curses that people are passing down to their children or someone else?

05-04-2010 3:09:34 AM CST
To WrongWay - First, you may need professional help if you have taken any action toward ending your life. Please call someone or go see someone immediately if you are having repeated thoughts of ending your life. Have you taken any steps toward ending your life such as planning it out in your mind or holding something in your hand that you would use to commit the act? If yes, seek professional help right away. Now, if the thought is just a casual venting of your frustration, that is totally different. We all have moments at some point in our life that could spark a thought that you hear teenagers say often, "I wish I was dead" or "If I can't go to the dance with Tom, I'll just die". I am hoping you are speaking in that perspective and not the more serious one. If you are and want to help yourself through this, there are several things you can do. First you must decide if you trust in the Lord 100% or if you have doubts because you don't see anything improving. "You can have faith or you can have worry, but you can't have both". These are the times when you can and will experience the supernatural power of God in your life. When you start to feel tense about a situation pray, out loud if you need to. "Lord I am praying for the peace you promised and I need it right now." While it is true, you can't petition the Lord with prayer; praying for something repeatedly serves to convince your own mind that it is true and will happen as requested. "What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." You must believe he will give you the immediate peace you are requesting in order to receive it. Then start doing things to divert your thinking about the issue at hand, go outside and do something, get in a conversation with someone about anything but the stress issue, do anything you can to redirect you mindset. In the longterm find something that will occupy your mind until this crisis passes. Know that everything in this life, including life itself is Temporary. Nothing is static. Trust in the Lord, he will not let you down and believe this, " If the Lord brought you to it, the Lord will take you through it" and you will be a better person for it. You will become stronger, longer. I can empathize with your feelings for I have been there myself and what I just shared worked for me. I hope it will work for you. When God determines your work on earth is done he will take you home, in peace; if you are one of his faithful followers. These are the times our faith grows the most and we are the closest to God. If you could see things from God's perspective you might even be thankful for the experience. He loves you. Please don't forget that. To resolve the issue, the best way is to break it down into components and address one issue at a time. Chip away, Wrongway. You can do it. God may even reward you if you do it his way. He is pretty good about blessing those who have a true faith in him.

05-03-2010 8:12:25 AM CST
Solo, My relatives have destroyed my life, all for the sake of a dollar. They have, as you said so many times - Lied, cheated and stolen - from me to the point I have lost the will to live. It has been hard enough to live with a debilitating disease and injury but the added stress these people and their corrupt lawyer have put on me is more than I can handle. For over four years now they have been relentless in their assaults. I have endured, but I am growing weak and can't see any relief in sight. It feels like the Lord has given me a mountain I can't climb. There is no one in my life that I can turn to for help or even encouragement. I am in this world alone and am quite ready to leave it. Yes, I have prayed, in fact, I almost stay in a constant state of prayer, but the depression and the feelings of rejection do not go away. What is it going to take for me to be able to smile and enjoy life again? Even if God avenges my enemies as he says he will, that will not restore my well-being or the zest for life I had before these scavengers came into my life. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for being there.

05-03-2010 2:02:57 AM CST
To Moonshot - If you mind starts to stray when you start to pray, try this. Get your pocket Bible out and hold it in your hands, maybe even read a bit before you pray. That seems to help me.

05-03-2010 1:58:05 AM CST
To Moonshot- While perceived truth has more impact on the front end, when the real truth is learned the source of the misinformation is discredited and not easily trusted as reliable in the future. What Skippy said is correct. "Just because you think something is true doesn't make it true. Always verify if you can.

05-03-2010 1:48:29 AM CST
To Stiffee- WOW what a name. Do you use that in public?LOL Okay, you've heard the saying "The best way to get over a girlfriend is a new girlfriend", right. Well, the best way to get over an addiction is a new addiction. But this time make it a good addiction like helping others, or getting an education, or a new skill. Find something that turns you on as much as the addiction you want to leave behind. Get it?

05-03-2010 1:37:57 AM CST
To Wildchild - First, my definition of cool is a term used to describe acceptance, admiration and suaveness. The term originates back to the writings of Aristotles's "Nicomachean Ethics". Second, while it is true that no one has returned from the dead to tell me for certain about the afterlife, there is undeniable evidence that living a moral and Christian life will render a more satisfying and happier life than the rogue lifestyle you describe. The plan I suggest requires you to view the bible as a guidebook to life. The stories, commandments, laws, and proverbs were written to protect you, not limit you. You can find a truer and more sustaining happiness by following the Bible, than any other approach ever tried. You can enjoy the pleasure of the moment but eventually it will catch up with you and it won't be pretty. I am speaking from experience. Contact me if you want to really want to know more. Peace brother.

05-03-2010 12:22:13 AM CST
Solo, what is your definition of "Cool"? To me, it's not playing putt-putt golf and drinking hot coco. Drinking, smoking, gambling, casual sex, partying, laughing, and joking around make me feel good. I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. You don't know what is going to happen when we die anymore than I do. So what is wrong with enjoying this life now? Show me how a Christian enjoys life more than a non-Christian. You preachers want to depress everyone into submission to give up their money, time, and enjoyment in this life through your 'holyer than thou' and bible thumping B.. S... If you have a plan that will is more 'cool' and more fun than what I'm doing now let's hear it.

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