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06-15-2015 1:30:51 AM CST
To Thunderbird: Throughout the Bible the Lord used all forms of nature to bless or rebuke mankind.The Lord has the power to do whatever it takes, and he will.

06-12-2015 6:37:55 PM CST
Does the Lord use acts of nature to bless, control, and punish life on earth?

Solo Answers
06-06-2015 11:14:45 AM CST
To Rice: Who God hath brought together let no man put asunder. Save the spouse.

05-31-2015 9:37:16 AM CST
Question: You have one lifeline, your spouse and your child are in equal danger, whose life do you save according to Biblical principle?

Solo Answers
05-31-2015 4:48:42 AM CST
To Bing: In gambling no matter if you win or lose, someone is going to lose. Someone is going to have to make up for the loss somewhere, somehow. Causing an undue burden on someone is sinful be it through gambling, taxation, usury, etc.. Now, understand there is a difference in gaming and gambling.

05-30-2015 5:09:22 AM CST
Is it a sin to gamble?

Solo Answers
05-27-2015 3:56:50 AM CST
To Raj: Being a Christian is a way of life. Any activity that takes precedence over that discredits and may even nullify the authenticity of the proclamation. It is one thing to have moments of weakness and sin. It is a totally different thing to make a lifestyle of the sin.

05-27-2015 3:41:24 AM CST
Can a person be a Christian and a homosexual?

Solo Answers
05-11-2015 8:47:13 AM CST
To Frank: Your body is only the vessel of you. When your body dies, you will be honored in heaven or hated in hell. Is there an alternative; only your dying will tell. Some people think there is, and call it purgatory.

04-28-2015 5:39:57 AM CST
When a person dies is heaven or hell the only destinations available? Do they go there immediately after the last breath?

Solo Answers
04-17-2015 7:26:44 AM CST
To Boxer: Perhaps you are looking in all the wrong places. There is joy in knowing the Lord is watching over you, and that he will take care of you if you allow him. I can understand the residual long-term effects of an unconscionable behavior toward you, but remember the Lord promises to avenge your enemies. If you will focus your faith on future goals, your fears and failures will fade away.

04-15-2015 12:45:27 AM CST
As the result of an event over five years ago, I have not felt the happiness or a reason to smile that used to define me. I've prayed about it and even tried to deny my true feelings, but it hasn't worked for me. Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
04-11-2015 10:37:19 AM CST
To Tango: The Lord knows you better than you know yourself. It may be he is protecting you from yourself. Perhaps if the limitations he has placed on you are for your own good. What sins would you be capable of if it were not for the struggles?

04-11-2015 1:58:25 AM CST
Why is God punishing me so severely; I haven't lived that terrible of a life?

Solo Answers
04-05-2015 6:26:02 AM CST
To Claud: Lost, destroyed, or decayed. There are however enough manuscripts discovered over time to reconstruct the writings with great accuracy.

04-03-2015 12:16:04 AM CST
What happened to the original writings of the Scripture?

Solo Answers
03-10-2015 2:57:59 AM CST
To Stripes: According to Scripture the Lord will always serve righteousness. However, it is not always easy to see the greater good from God's perspective. There is the concept of 'right and more right'. Trust in the Lord and he will take care of you.

03-09-2015 5:34:45 PM CST
Does God 'always' defend the right?

Solo Answers
02-28-2015 5:20:43 AM CST
To Oily: Choose your friends like you would choose your books. Would you read and enjoy a homosexual book? Would you put a homosexual magazine on your coffee table or your desk at work? ...or a book about Satan or criminals, etc.? We should treat everyone we meet as someone who knows Christ or as someone who wants to know Christ.

02-14-2015 9:56:05 PM CST
Are we as Christians supposed to shun, disassociate, criticise, or ignore people who do not believe as we do, such as atheists, homosexuals, slackers, or others?

Solo Answers
02-14-2015 1:11:08 AM CST
To Lousa May: To say a person is a Sunday morning Christain is an oxymoron.

Lousa May
02-11-2015 9:57:45 PM CST
I believe the God of the Bible is interested in being the God of the people not just the pulpit.

Solo Answers
02-03-2015 3:16:30 AM CST
To Rosco: I would rather die today and go to heaven than to live to be a hundred and go to hell.

02-02-2015 2:17:16 AM CST
The Government is outlawing the very commission the Lord gave to all Christians and that is to spread the gospel throughout the world. Which is better to die for Christ or live for the Government?

Solo Answers
01-28-2015 6:34:41 AM CST
To Beaver: Sin is never acceptable, but it can be forgiven. However, the more sin is resisted the more you will be rewarded. In your example who is to say that you would not be provided food on the 4th or 5th day without sin.

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