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05-15-2019 2:48:08 AM CST
To Zip: In the beginning, God proclaimed that the wages of sin is death. In the Old Testament, animal sacrifices were made, then Jesus came to forgive one and all that believed in him and accepted him as their personal savior from sin. Sins are forgiven through him however the consequences remain. As you grow in the knowledge, wisdom, and love of Christ you will surely become less sinful, but only Christ will ever be the sinless one to have walked on this earth.

Solo Answers
05-10-2019 4:14:22 PM CST
To Mickey: Anything can be explained away. That doesn't mean it is correct, however, the more a person has studied and researched a subject the more likely their perspective will be accurate or at least close.

05-07-2019 3:54:45 AM CST
I asked God to save me from my sins, how come I'm still sinning?

04-30-2019 12:02:33 AM CST
Can the supernatural spiritual messages of the Bible be explained away using present-day human logic?

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04-22-2019 3:24:11 AM CST
To Wally: The Bible says Thomas doubted him.

04-21-2019 3:04:39 AM CST
Was Jesus resurrected in the flesh or in Spirit?

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04-01-2019 1:43:03 AM CST
To Tony: This is the best answer I've found to your question (ref: Mark 3:28) “To commit this sin one must consciously, persistently, deliberately, and maliciously reject the testimony of the Spirit to the deity and saving power of the Lord Jesus.” If a person keeps doing that until death, there is no hope of forgiveness and eternal life in heaven.

Solo Answers
04-01-2019 1:40:05 AM CST
To Tony: This is the best answer to your question I

T Hayes
03-27-2019 11:33:49 PM CST
For what ever the date is it's good to read that proverb.

03-21-2019 8:15:43 AM CST
What exactly is the unforgivable sin according to the Bible?

Solo Answers
03-11-2019 4:03:12 AM CST
To Taxi: A Christian uses the name of the Lord in praise; the non-Christian uses the name of the Lord in vain.

03-07-2019 11:50:35 PM CST
How do you tell the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian?

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02-24-2019 1:15:59 AM CST
To Bull: It would depend on who, what, when, where and why you watch. Television is a very effective social steering and brainwashing tool.

02-17-2019 4:51:38 AM CST
Is watching TV sinful?

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02-07-2019 12:49:42 AM CST
To Marcel: Someone is wrong. LOL!!!

02-06-2019 2:51:12 AM CST
Is there only one God? Is so, why are there so many different faiths, doctrines, religions etc.?

Solo Answers
01-30-2019 10:45:12 AM CST
To Tank: The body dies and the spirit goes to heaven.

01-30-2019 1:22:51 AM CST
In the front of the Bible, it says all people must die. In the middle of the Bible some people don't die, they ascend. In the back of the Bible when the rapture happens saved people don't die they ascend. I don't get it, which is it, ascend or die?

Solo Answers
01-28-2019 8:44:13 PM CST
I don't recall seeing a direct answer in the Bible but if you can answer why anyone would want children you'd probably be close.

01-19-2019 1:50:14 AM CST
Why did God create planet earth and its animals and people?

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01-14-2019 12:02:59 AM CST
To Stiletto: The transition from worldly to Spiritual can be quite daunting, however, the difference is, the street happy only lasts for the moments enjoyed, while the peace of mind and contentment of the Lord's spirit in you will last a lifetime. The street people are always looking for the bigger better deal, while the Christians already have the biggest and best there is. Reinventing yourself is a slow process in some areas. Don't beat yourself up, keep chipping away at those old habits, you'll get there, just stay with it.

01-11-2019 9:32:08 AM CST
How come it is that I seemed to have more fun and was happier before I asked Christ into my life? I rarely thought about future consequences, or if I was pleasing the Lord; now I think about it all the time and it can be quite distressful.

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12-29-2018 1:07:34 AM CST
To Earl: I can only give you a partial answer to such a large question. God is the ultimate spiritual creator, and power existence over everything that ever was is and ever will be. He reigns over all the universes that exist and does so through nature and his infinite supernatural powers. You will have to ask him for the answer to 'why'.

12-23-2018 4:44:00 AM CST
Please tell me who, what, when, where, why and how God.

Solo Answers
12-21-2018 9:28:35 AM CST
To Babs: No one has found his birth certificate yet.

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