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12-17-2018 11:47:13 PM CST
Was Jesus really born 2,019 years ago on December 25th?

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12-07-2018 7:35:16 PM CST
To Cappy: Yes, Jesus is God, but not all of God. God is a spirit, not a man. Jesus prayed to the spirit of God, his father.

12-03-2018 8:02:50 PM CST
If Jesus was God, is God and will always be God, then who did he pray too?

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11-26-2018 2:55:11 AM CST
To Crisco: I don't think preachers are intentionally trying to teach their congregations to shout at others, but your question does have merit. Perhaps some responsibility could be placed on the sound board controller.

11-12-2018 10:15:16 AM CST
Why would a preacher want to teach his congregation to yell and scream at people, as he does from the pulpit often times with bitterness and anger in his voice?

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10-22-2018 1:50:48 AM CST
To Chet: Contemporary services seem to be very popular these days. Music and song may not appeal to some people and there are churches that don't have it. Remembering the words to a song can sometimes bring relief in times of distress, and joy in times of celebration. If a Gospel song or music brings you peace how can that be wrong?

10-21-2018 8:10:07 AM CST
Is music, and song wrong? Some churches don't have it.

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10-03-2018 4:40:35 AM CST
To Misty: Keep a cool head and pity them, for you have a spiritual power and a strength they know nothing about. Share your Lord where you can and don't worry about the others.

10-02-2018 4:48:30 AM CST
How do you deal with friends and family that make fun of you for your spiritual beliefs?

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09-19-2018 3:09:15 AM CST
To Horro: You may need to seek the help of a professional Christian counselor.

09-15-2018 7:32:30 AM CST
Self-loathing can't be good. I'm a sinful man and don't have the efficacy or the Lord's help to change. What do you do?

09-15-2018 7:29:51 AM CST
Self-loathing can

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09-08-2018 1:18:09 AM CST
To Blu: The Bible doesn't tell it and I won't guess it. The Bible does tell you God loves you and by connecting with him you can overcome any sin that may come your way.

09-04-2018 7:57:51 PM CST
Why didn't God the father choke the snake and grab the apple from Eve? Why would he curse the entire planet for eternity for the one time mistake of one person? Is that what a loving Father would do?

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09-01-2018 10:25:19 AM CST
To Click: Having different viewpoints is what makes humans unique. Prayerfully study the Bible for yourself and let the Lord speak to you on a personal basis. You may want to consider a parallel Bible because publishers have also changed the meanings in their copies.

08-30-2018 12:44:08 AM CST
Almost every preacher will tell you the Bible is the inerrant word of God and it does not have any contradictions. The contradictions seem to occur in the interpretations of the scripture among the different preachers which are quite confusing. The different views do make the Bible appear to have contradictions. How do you sort out who has the correct interpretation of the scripture?

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08-23-2018 7:59:50 AM CST
To Hacksaw: Supporting community leaders with true Christian values is a good thing. In fact, if more Christians were to get involved changes could be made to combat the Godless class of lawmakers now in service. People also need to know how the lobbyists operate and support a strong Christian lobby program. However, I do agree that politics should not interfere with Bible study or church operations.

08-21-2018 12:42:45 AM CST
Why do so many preachers cause politics to get in the way of studying the Bible? I imagine a lot more people would go to church if there wasn't so much politics going on.

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07-22-2018 4:27:12 PM CST
To Rowdy: The greatest supernatural event that still exists today is your ability to communicate with the Lord.

07-21-2018 7:03:32 AM CST
I have heard of many supernatural events that occurred during the Bible days how come God doesn't do that kind of thing these days?

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06-25-2018 6:43:26 AM CST
To Mike: We all live in conflict with good and bad thoughts, even the Lord was tempted. He responded with prayer and redirecting his thoughts to the blessings of others.

06-14-2018 2:06:31 AM CST
I don't feel right unless I feel wrong and that's not right. How do you stop the sinful thoughts?

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06-02-2018 11:52:23 PM CST
To Claire: The perfect church to me would be one where the Holy Spirit was conspicuously present in each and all of the people present and the devices of the devil were conspicuously absent.

05-20-2018 11:00:28 AM CST
If you were asked to describe the perfect church for you, what would it have, and not have?

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04-23-2018 12:14:29 PM CST
To Hoss: That's a loaded question that would take more details to respond accurately.

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