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10-10-2011 6:27:27 AM CST
To Hoss: How many times have I heard a mealtime prayer that was nothing more than a schpeel said so fast that no one heard it or understood it. Memory is a good thing to do for the Lord.

10-10-2011 3:34:05 AM CST
Why do I often forget to honor the Lord when in my heart I never want to forget, such as praying thanks before my lunch meal?

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10-09-2011 10:02:56 AM CST
To Olav: Just like your physical posture, your power in the Lord is strengthened by exercising you faith.

10-07-2011 6:39:21 AM CST
If the Lord has predisposed me of the Godly power I need to solve all of life's issues, how then, do I tap into this resource within me?

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10-07-2011 2:57:58 AM CST
To Magdalena: Just because someone says or writes something doesn't mean that it is true. Does the author offer any irrefutable evidence or reference to his statements? The writings of the Bible have been challenged for 1000s of years but it still stands as the Word of God.

10-06-2011 10:17:53 AM CST
What is this I hear about the Bible not being authentic? A book by Bart Ehrman titled "Misquoting Jesus"

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10-02-2011 10:51:58 AM CST
To Tork: Perfection and total Protection from sin is only achieved once you arrive in Heaven, not on earth.

09-28-2011 4:12:00 AM CST
I have prayed so many times to the Lord to perfect and protect my life from sin, but it seems he doesn't hear my prayers; I still sin, not deliberately, but sometimes thoughtlessly. What am I doing wrong?

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09-27-2011 3:38:17 AM CST
To Kajubi: If you whole-heartedly trust in God, first, trusting others is easier. Trusting mankind will disappoint and let you down. Trusting the spirit of Christ in mankind will not.

09-23-2011 1:11:03 PM CST
Trust, what is it? How do you use it? When do you use it? Where do you use it? Who uses it?

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09-23-2011 8:04:50 AM CST
To Octo: Business is only a term defining a set of actions. It is the people behind those actions that have the soul and the sin to be forgiven.

09-21-2011 10:52:01 PM CST
What is God's role in my business? What are the rules, if any? Business has no soul, that can be lost, no sin to be forgiven. Business is cold, cruel and self-serving. It has no loyalties.

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09-21-2011 1:03:06 PM CST
To Uzi: Because you haven't ever experienced sainthood. If you had you wouldn't say that.

09-19-2011 11:49:21 PM CST
Why does sin seem so much more rewarding and fun, than sainthood?

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09-19-2011 4:11:50 AM CST
To Hobb: There is really no short answer as to the question of "How" to love. My best answer would be to suggest you get a Bible reference and look up all the verses that contain the word Love in the Bible. Have you ever placed someone else above your own self-interest? That's a start.

09-17-2011 4:58:09 AM CST
I guess I have never really loved anyone before, how do I do that, in a Christian way?

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09-16-2011 9:44:24 PM CST
To Gustav: This often happens to new Christians, for as they delve further into the knowledge, and love of God, they become more and more convicted to alter their ungodly ways. At first, it can seem as though nothing is going right. This can be quite unsettling. As you grow in spirit and change to be more Christ-like it gets easier. and There are fewer and fewer things wr6ng; more and more things will be right in your world. That's were the Cool in Christians comes in. Grow On.

09-16-2011 3:57:59 AM CST
I am a new Chrisitian but I'm not sure I like it for the more I hear the worst I feel.

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09-15-2011 12:14:35 AM CST
To Rembrandt: In the temporary, yes. In the permanent, no. In a perfect world, no. In a fallen world, yes. For all have sinned. It would be a nice thought to be able to believe the answer to be no, but that would discredit the Bible. To be a thief or a Liar is a deliberate act and is a sin. If there is no repentance there is no Christian.

09-11-2011 3:17:10 AM CST
Is there such a thing as a Christian Liar or a Christian thief?

09-08-2011 10:12:40 PM CST
In America, I was criticized for living like the devil, so I changed. Then I was criticized for living like a Christian. Seems like to fit in, I must be corrupt on the inside but squeaky clean on the outside. What a fraud!

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09-08-2011 4:41:13 AM CST
To Joueuse: You have in you everything you need to live, but without access to breathable air you won't. God has given you everything you need, but without communication with him you cannot access his powerful force in your life.

09-06-2011 2:50:29 AM CST
Many preachers teach that God has already placed in me everything I need. If this is true, why then do I need God?

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08-21-2011 4:27:58 AM CST
To Shake: !st answer: research, is it consistent with the Bible. 2nd answer: Do you have the mind of Christ? Do you have Christ-like thinking? really. 3rd answer: Have you counseled with other Christians about it? Are the opinions consistent?

08-13-2011 11:13:37 PM CST
When I pray how can I tell if the thoughts that come to mind are my own, or are from God?

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