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Solo Answers
07-23-2011 1:51:42 AM CST
To StandingBear: First I don't want to be one who judges the behavior of other people. What may seem wrong to me may be right to someone else, even God. I try to accept all people even if I disagree with their behavior. To those people I try to live the example of what I think is the proper behavior and pray that they may learn and decide for themselves.

Standing Bear
07-13-2011 4:55:57 AM CST
Many people claim to be Christians but then live like heathens. This is probably the main reason so many non-Christians don't believe. What can we as true Christians do to counter the damage of the quasi-Christains?

Solo Answers
07-01-2011 11:55:25 PM CST
To Bullet: You reap today what you sowed yesterday. Do more to get more.

07-01-2011 2:20:48 AM CST
So, where's my abundance? The Bible says it but I don't have it.

Solo Answers
06-22-2011 12:57:37 AM CST
To Coyote: Before I make any suggestions, tell me what are you currently doing in the church other than sitting in the pew and listening to the sermon?

06-21-2011 12:59:51 AM CST
I been going to church for awhile now and it's starting to get repetitive and boring, what do I do to refresh my enthusiasm?

Solo Answers
06-20-2011 3:07:11 AM CST
To Whitey: Many people mistake kindness for weakness. The American government promotes "wealth without work" which is coveting or otherwise known as theft. Do not despair though, God's got your back on that one. Give wisely.

06-19-2011 12:52:08 AM CST
Seems like every time I try to help someone out they end up trying to take advantage of me.

Solo Answers
06-07-2011 10:07:59 AM CST
To Crowbar: Understating a topic draws an interested person to ask questions and learn more. Overstating a topic often makes the topic unbelievable.

06-06-2011 10:43:38 AM CST
Which is better, to understate or overstate a topic?

Solo Answers
06-02-2011 9:48:10 PM CST
A person could get hurt going slow, probably not going fast. I don't mind dying on my motocycle, I just don't want to get hurt.

Helmet Head
06-02-2011 7:54:36 AM CST
Hey Solo, how come you ride your motorcycle so fast?

Solo Answers
06-01-2011 11:46:36 PM CST
To Aya: Avoid if possible, politely if not.

06-01-2011 2:29:02 AM CST
How should Christians deal with crass and abusive businesses and people?

Solo Answers
05-31-2011 12:51:17 AM CST
To Otto: It's not wrong to be sympathetic to hurting people and perhaps this type of introduction will draw a person like this to listen to the message that will help them in their suffering. If those words don't apply to you then they shouldn't bother you and if they are repressed emotions then possibly you also could be helped. After all isn't church a place also for those people, hurting in spirit?

05-30-2011 9:39:52 AM CST
What is up with these preachers that start their sermons trying to depress everyone with questions like: Are you hurting, depressed, injuried, broken, yada, yada, yada? Give me a break. Tell me something good.

Solo Answers
05-30-2011 1:21:02 AM CST
The Bible says don't be like them. Some things we learn from others is how we Don't want to be.

Tree Shaker
05-29-2011 1:27:49 AM CST
What does the bible have to say about conceited people with the "Holier than thou" attitude, or the ones that need confirmation that their morals and lifestyle are superior to all others, and should be imposed on everybody (the "greater than thou" types)?

sSolo Answers
05-25-2011 6:12:58 PM CST
To Kingfish: Is your faith contingent on the experience of others? The only research or study that should be important to you is how your faith has affected your life.

05-25-2011 6:13:26 AM CST
I enjoy the sermons that tell me God will protect me and make my life better than before, but is there really any current hard core evidence, research, studies or creditble statistics to prove it? Did God protect his people in Joplin MO recently? or other disasters around the world?

Solo Answers
05-20-2011 3:34:20 AM CST
To Bagger: It is a rare occasion that a single event or action is responsible for the problems of this life. More often than not, it is the culmination of several or many issues that result in an overwhelming problem. Your suggestions have merit and I could add even more. Concerning socialism, Acts chapter 5 addresses the issue and concludes it to be unacceptable. Dr. James Kennedy of The Coral Ridge Hour explaines it very succinctly. Minus greed, envy and corruption, socialism would work.

05-19-2011 6:49:35 AM CST
Is the dumbing down of Americans a deliberate conspiracy of the elite to repress the peasants into submission, or is it a temporary but necessary cost being paid for past civil rights indiscretions? Does the Bible speak to the concept of Free Enterprize (Adam Smith) vs. Socialism (Karl Marx)?

Solo Answers
05-17-2011 5:28:14 AM CST
To JakeBrake: Muslims will use any means neccesary to infiltrate a society such as lieing cheating, stealing, murder or whatever it takes. Christians won't. (See the documentary film "What the West needs to Know" listed on this website under the movie tab). Yes, they are trying to do it in America right now.

05-15-2011 7:22:53 AM CST
Why were the Muslims able to take over Sweden so easily? Where were the Christians? Will they do it again in other countries?

Solo Answers
05-15-2011 12:29:17 AM CST
To Beater: If the spirit is leading you, then yes. Charity can be in many forms, not just money or possession. Being nice to a good guy is easy, but being nice to the bad guys is holy.

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