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05-13-2011 4:46:17 AM CST
Should we as Christians be charitable to "Everyone"? Even the hustlers, the atheists, the criminals?

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05-11-2011 8:25:55 PM CST
To Spinner: Ill gotten gain is short lived, however on the other hand, If the Lord brought it to you who is going to take it away. Be a good steward of the Lord's property and he may bless you with even more.

05-11-2011 12:09:57 AM CST
Will God protect my property?

Solo Answers
05-05-2011 8:57:18 PM CST
To dBman: I also worked in the Financial markets where seconds count. In that kind of situation prior Bible training and study really comes into play. If you lead a Biblecentric life then doing the right thing will come naturally for you. Do you study before work and perhaps even after work? The more exposure you have the better the decisions you will make.

05-05-2011 1:18:37 AM CST
I work in a very fast paced, very secular business. It is very mentally consuming which makes it difficult to keep God in the forefront of my every thought and decision I don't have the time to filter everything I say and do through the Lord. Do you have a plan for me?

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05-04-2011 10:58:06 PM CST
To Latch: It's all a matter of perspective. What some consider to be used, abused and WAO him, may have been a willful act of mercy for all of mankind. After calvary, He left this earth and sent his holy spirit to guide and protect us. I'm not saying you'll never have any troubles, but if you have the Holy Spirit working in you, the burden will be much easier to bear. The other side of Jesus is the life he wants us to emulate. That is the one of peace, love, and happiness. If you will keep your focus on those desires, the other stuff won't get you down so much. You can only think one thought at a time, make it good one. I got no time for downers.

05-02-2011 7:16:20 PM CST
Jesus was known as the man of sorrows. He allowed people to use him, abuse him, and walk all over him; and I'm supposed to emulate him? Please explain.

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04-28-2011 11:23:06 PM CST
To Bucket Head: That is a very easy question. Answer the following questions then add them all together and you'll have your answer: How does it feel to be in love? to be loved? to be happy? to be thankful? to be useful? to be wanted? to be forgiven? to be humbled? to be peaceful? to be forgiving? and so much more.

Bucket Head
04-28-2011 11:12:13 PM CST
How does it feel to be saved?

Solo Answers
04-26-2011 7:51:40 AM CST
To Hat Man: Is your friend scared to pray with you for 60 seconds? Will she/he do it just for your peace of mind? If yes, you won't ever have to ask again. If yes, a quick prayer of salvation would be good. If no, you might tell them God will not condemn them if they do. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Hat Man
04-26-2011 4:47:38 AM CST
I have a friend that declares there is no God and wants nothing to do with anyone that does. How can I reach this person for Christ?

Solo Answers
04-22-2011 11:45:23 AM CST
To Spiros: To worship is any act of devotion to God. Authoring, and reading, this website is a form of worship for me. I hope it will be for you also.

04-22-2011 2:26:45 AM CST
What does it mean to worship?

04-21-2011 4:14:45 AM CST
For more information on fascism research "The Bilderburg Group" and "The illuminati" conspiratorial information on your search engine and on YouTube.

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04-21-2011 3:41:57 AM CST
To Balls: The autocrat or dictator that imposes Fascism on a society may not recognize Christianity, and may even make it illegal to worship in public, but that does not take away the Holy Spirit that dwells in the individual who has found the everlasting love of God.

04-20-2011 12:15:33 AM CST
Can Fascism and Christianity coexist?

Solo Answers
04-16-2011 10:03:06 AM CST
To Sarge: The United States government is very effective in social engineering. They do not want any power higher than theirs, and want all people to be dependent on them (our egocentric leaders), not God.

04-15-2011 11:11:30 PM CST
If being a Christian is so great why then are so many churches closing and so many people turning away from religion?

Solo Answers
04-14-2011 11:21:21 PM CST
To Bigfoot: Satan wants you to feel defeated, to be a loser, and if you do change it makes him the loser. It becomes more difficult to deal with an issue because it is on your mind. If you weren't thinking about it; it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal. The mind will always resist change from anything that causes a disruption from it's normalcy state unless the change brings a greater feeling of comfort than the previous state. Doing the right thing may feel uncomfortable at first, but if you persist, eventually you'll get it right. The Lord will help you if you ask.

04-14-2011 8:52:03 AM CST
Why is it that the harder I try to do the right thing about a particular thing or area in my life, the more difficult it becomes?

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04-07-2011 9:11:28 PM CST
To Boxer: Your desire to be with God is shared by many, but you don't have to die to be with him. You can be as close now as you will be after your demise. Also, if you care for him as you say; you would want to serve him, for to love him is to serve him, and that is something you can do now, probably better than later. The pain and suffering is temporary but your eternal life with him will be forever, find the joy and happiness in that. Live on.

04-07-2011 9:24:32 AM CST
I would rather be in heaven with Jesus than to live on earth in sin. Pain and suffering has out weighted any happiness or joy for me in this life. Is it a sin, that I have prayed for death every day for many years? Jesus is the only friend I have that I can wholly trust. I want to be with him, rather than here.

Solo Answers
04-07-2011 4:11:20 AM CST
To X-ray: Are you emotionally dead? Do you have no compassion for anyone other than yourself? The causes can be many, the cure is prayer. Brain-washing by parents, friends, government, or even self can prevent you from feeling God's presence in your life. But whether you feel it or not, it is there. Defeating God's good conscience in you is not strength or victory, it is emotional death.

04-05-2011 11:17:17 PM CST
Why can't I feel God?

Solo Answers
04-03-2011 12:53:38 AM CST
To SunnySide: Some religions believe to be Holy means to be solemn and constantly prayerful. While there are times that this type of behavior is approiate the definition of Holy does not exclude happy, jovial or funny. The definition of Holy according to Websters Dictionary (1913 edition) is as follows: Holy - Spiritually whole or sound; of unimpaired innocence and virtue; free from sinful affections; pure in heart; godly; pious; irreproachable; guiltless; acceptable to God. We can only attempt to be Holy for only God is guiltless. Part of the reason Christ gave his life was so that we could live a happy life in knowing our sins could be forgiven. I don't recall reading about Jesus telling any jokes, do you? That is not to say it is wrong or sinful.

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