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08-28-2017 12:20:33 PM CST
To Jack: Whether it be for self-medication or entertainment, I would suggest a Christian perspective alternative would have a happier consequence.

08-25-2017 8:20:01 AM CST
What about drinking alcohol and smoking reefer?

Solo Answers
08-12-2017 11:45:05 PM CST
To Turk: For many of the same reasons many "mom and pop" businesses are closing the smaller churches also close. The competitors of spiritual entities are a strong force in both economics and social engineering. Jesus only promises his worldwide dominance over Satan when he returns.

08-07-2017 1:53:09 AM CST
If having a relationship with Jesus is so great why then are so many churches closing down?

Solo Answers
07-24-2017 12:43:37 AM CST
To Bob: If following the Bible teachings and principles don't do it for you, nothing will.

07-22-2017 12:56:44 AM CST
How is reading your website going to make me stronger longer?

Solo Answers
07-16-2017 1:26:47 AM CST
To Molly: Using that phrase is extremely offensive to me and I will not tolerate it in my presence and I will tell anyone immediately not to use that language around me. I can handle people cussing but not using the Lord's name like that. If it is a movie or TV show I'll turn it off. If it's someone I don't know and can't speak to them I will leave. I don't do business with people that use that phrase or associate socially with them.

07-16-2017 1:06:38 AM CST
How do you deal with friends and others that use the phrase "God damn" and other offense language?

Solo Answers
07-14-2017 11:27:52 PM CST
To Clint: I would never second guess the ways of the Lord.

07-04-2017 10:49:05 PM CST
It sure seems like an all powerful and intelligent God could purge all the evil and suffering of mankind and still reach his objectives.

Solo Answers
06-29-2017 2:57:16 AM CST
To Billy Jack: What others believe or not believe should have nothing to do with your personal relationship with the Lord. Your life, labor, and love should all be an expression of your affection to him. As for your work, pray and let him guide your way.

Billy Jack
06-20-2017 5:12:33 AM CST
I'll do anything for the Lord, but how am I supposed to know what he wants me to do? (talking about a job, here) Is it okay to work for a company, the people, that doesn't believe in God?

Solo Answers
06-18-2017 3:52:17 AM CST
To Rod: God's grace is when he lovingly gives you something you don't deserve, or when he doesn't give you something you do deserve.

06-17-2017 12:19:29 AM CST
If all can be forgiven, but the consequences remain; please tell me more about grace.

Solo Answers
05-24-2017 1:43:40 AM CST
To Dmitriy: I would like to think that my pets went to Heaven but there is no specific statement in the Bible that confirms it. However, if there are no animals in Heaven how will Christ arrive on a white horse as stated in Revelations?

05-20-2017 8:57:37 PM CST
Do animals, especially pets, go to heaven?

Solo Answers
05-18-2017 6:05:34 AM CST
To DD: When you received Christ as your savior and if you internalize his holy spirit, you will have at your disposal a source of strength and power capable of overcoming any and all the devices of evil. Knowing that the Lord is going to take care of you brings a joy and peace, no matter what the circumstance may be.

05-13-2017 1:34:23 AM CST
How is it that I'm supposed to find joy in suffering, hardship or pain?

Solo Answers
05-02-2017 2:00:30 PM CST
To Baker: Sure, I would. Perhaps having church membership dues would also be a good idea.

04-30-2017 10:59:44 AM CST
If all the churches charged admission would you still go?

Solo Answers
04-30-2017 10:57:50 AM CST
To Chito: Supporting God's work on Earth is a good thing.

04-30-2017 4:09:09 AM CST
I know the Bible tells us we should tithe, but I want to know why. God doesn't need anything.

Solo Answers
04-07-2017 7:59:39 PM CST
To Dirtdawg: "Repetition is the key to memory." You may have heard the story many times before, but how many times have you repeated it? How many times have the Bible principles you've learned, have you used in your business and personal life? The wisdom of the stories is in the double-entredres within the story. It is your perspective of that story that makes you who you are. Happy God, happy life.

04-05-2017 12:21:33 AM CST
Do you ever get tired of hearing the same Bible stories and sermons over and over again? I want to stay excited but sometimes I just get bored.

Solo Answers
03-31-2017 2:39:52 AM CST
To Luigi: Christ was both submissive to God and prayer powerful.

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