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02-10-2012 7:19:09 AM CST
To Firebird: Yes, always pray first. I would suggest remove the victim from the environment.

02-08-2012 6:57:29 PM CST
Excessive cruelty; what a concept. What would you do about it; pray? (The cops and lawyers can't do anything about it.)

Solo Answers
02-01-2012 2:54:16 PM CST
To Miguel: Death can come in many different forms.A brain dead person can still have a heart beat. The sins you favor have a deadening effect on your good senses. You can be a bad boy if you want, but it's gonna cost you more than your going to want to pay. It always comes back to you stronger than you put it out.

01-31-2012 5:27:17 AM CST
If the cost of sin is death, how come we are still alive?

Solo Answers
01-29-2012 9:47:20 PM CST
To Mrsa: His spirit within you can cause you to.

01-28-2012 2:05:12 AM CST
Can Satan kill?

Solo Answers
01-27-2012 2:38:06 AM CST
To Amanda: Some would say yes, and some would say no, but all would say if it is, it can be forgiven. That was the purpose of the crucification of Christ; that all sin could be forgiven.

01-26-2012 2:43:14 AM CST
If a man marries a divorced woman, are they committing a sin?

Solo Answers
01-24-2012 2:58:41 AM CST
To Gracie: Be sure to know about your parents before you decide to be like them.

01-23-2012 9:16:37 AM CST
If my parents don't care why should I?

Solo Answers
01-20-2012 4:12:09 PM CST
To Beeper: Any action endeavored for a profit that endangers the lives of someone else is in direct conflict with the principles of a Godly conscience. Your motives may be pure, but your methods are lousy. Does that make you the criminal?

01-20-2012 1:12:18 AM CST
What is the Christian view on taking risks? Taking risks appears to be a growing addiction as we, as a society, continue to devastate our environment, our finances, our health and our education. What does the Bible teach us about taking risks?

Solo Answers
01-19-2012 3:59:15 AM CST
To Bebop: God doesn't hate anyone; he hates what they do, which is sinful.

01-19-2012 3:54:00 AM CST
To Hazy: God "HATES" liars, according to the Bible.

Solo Answers
01-19-2012 3:47:42 AM CST
To Hazy: When a person claims to be a Christian, there is an expectation of a higher set of values, morals, and performance. For the secular person there are not any benchmarks for trust or performance other than the laws of the land. The false Christian will lose favor more quickly when corruption is exposed. There is an intrinsic cost when one trades their integrity for corruption.

01-16-2012 2:17:55 AM CST
Which is worse, the politician that falsely claims to be a Christian, or the one that denies Christianity?

Solo Answers
01-14-2012 2:03:08 AM CST
To Mugsy:The concept of God and the Bible has been a source of controversy from the inception. The Bible has been explored, exploited, and explained more than any other book in history. It is what it is, believe it and be blessed; doubt it and be damned, your choice.

01-13-2012 10:25:44 PM CST
If the Bible we have is not the text of the original autographs, does that make it wrong?

Solo Answers
01-10-2012 8:30:29 AM CST
To Britches:Happiness and the reduction of suffering are the two greatest desires of all mankind. Most people either don't know how to attain it or are not willing to do what it takes to have it. The preacherman is not trying to drag you into the mud, but rather out of it. The preacherman is your best psychologist, with sound advice, and only asks for a token, for his time.

01-09-2012 7:30:13 AM CST
Why does everything have to be so heavy? Why can't life be light and airy, peaceful and rewarding, loving and contented? Why does the preacherman want to drag me down into the mud?

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01-08-2012 9:09:39 AM CST
To Cotton: That is like asking if sin is part of God's plan. Global warming is surely part of the Devil's plan of destruction and death. Personally, I think it is a sign of the end game for life on earth.

01-07-2012 7:44:43 AM CST
Is Global Warming part of God's plan?

Solo Answers
01-06-2012 1:10:27 PM CST
To LittleRock: Well, it was a slow Wednesday afternoon and God was bored so he challenged the Devil to a game of life. He created the heavens and the earth for the board and created humans as the pieces to the game. The pieces God wins go to Heaven and well, you know where the others go. So the point is to help God win the game so you can go to heaven, and reside in luxury for eternity. If you want a better answer you'll have to ask God himself, if and when you get to heaven.

01-04-2012 10:44:14 PM CST
An animal is born to eat poop and die with a few smiles in the middle. Humans do the same thing; what's the point?

Solo Answers
01-02-2012 6:28:05 PM CST
The book "The Prince" is a very strong book and not suggested for the weak minded for it could easily be misinterpreted. One needs to understand the man, Machiavelli, before reading his works.

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