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10-19-2010 2:13:22 AM CST
I been told all my life that sin is sin and there are no degrees of sin. If there is such a thing as right and more right then shouldn't there be wrong and more wrong? sinful and more sinful?

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10-14-2010 6:03:34 AM CST
To Jet: The ministry of Christ has lasted over 2000 years. The Bible is the mainstay of God's word. Many other books have been written that were inspired by God, and more are still being written. Have you been to your local Bible Book Store lately?

10-13-2010 8:01:51 AM CST
If the ministry of Christ is so important why then did Jesus's ministry only last three years? If God's word is so important why then is there only one book supposedly written from him?

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10-10-2010 12:36:44 AM CST
To Sugar: If you understood human nature the way God does, you would Know the answer to that question. If you understood the Bible the way God intended, you would Know the answer. The statement in your question may be incorrect? Please reconsider your wording. I do not agree that God condemned all mankind forever.

10-04-2010 5:45:23 AM CST
How could a loving and forgiving God condemn all of mankind forever for the one misdeed, of one couple? Where's the grace and forgiveness in that?

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09-27-2010 1:13:15 AM CST
To Stretch: In a 24 hour period, what percent of that time would you say that the Lord is in the forefront of your thought processes? Do you filter all input and output through the Lord in your mind? Have you taken the time to learn the ways of the Lord? Have you really been reborn into the spirit of the Lord? If yes, what you feel really doesn't matter. Knowing that Jesus is with you 24/7 is sufficient for real and lasting happiness. It appears someone has brain-washed you to feel guilty. Keep this in mind - Nothing can affect your feelings, unless you allow it. Smile even when you don't feel like it, and soon you will feel like it. Don't worry, be happy.

09-23-2010 6:54:36 AM CST
If being a Christian is so easy, why is it so hard for me? I don't feel right unless I feel wrong. When I do feel right I don't feel like the Lord is in it. I want to do the right thing but I also want to be happy. How can I feel right, happy and the presence of the Lord all at the same time? Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

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09-08-2010 5:36:58 AM CST
Often, the reasons of the Lord are invisable to man. Draw close to the Lord and he will comfort you in all the hurt you experience in this life.

09-07-2010 12:28:46 AM CST
I know we are only visitors to this earth and should spend it selflessly but why is the Lord taking away the lives of those I love and care about?

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08-11-2010 8:04:40 AM CST
To Sloopy: There are 37,000 promises that God makes to his people in the Bible. I am not aware of any promise he has not kept. Are you one of his people?

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08-11-2010 8:01:01 AM CST
God will do as much for you, as you will do for him, physical and spiritual.

08-08-2010 12:56:17 PM CST
Does God always keep his promises?

08-05-2010 4:44:04 AM CST
I know God will protect the spirit life but will he also protect the physical life?

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08-04-2010 3:44:08 PM CST
To Bolt: The ride is short and the cosequence is forever ugly.

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08-04-2010 3:40:12 PM CST
To War-Bride: You will be happier if you remain faithful. Do the right thing, God's thing, and you'll smile again soon.

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08-04-2010 3:36:38 PM CST
To Popcorn: Social opinions change but God's word does not.

08-03-2010 2:16:01 AM CST
She's pretty, she's rich, she's powerful, she's preveledged, do I envy her first-class ride to Hell?

07-29-2010 12:02:43 AM CST
I wasn't expecting this. Alone, with children, no money, no job, no daycare, and don't know if he's coming back, from Iraq. The temptations are growing what do I do?

07-23-2010 9:09:28 PM CST
All my life I've been told not to yoke up with non Christians. Now it seems public opinion in the Church has changed. I've been hearing we as Christians are to be tolerant and even supportive of other faiths that do not support our savior, Jesus Christ. What's up with that?

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07-21-2010 2:29:47 AM CST
To Firepin: The spirit of the Lord stimulates the oxitocins in life.

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07-21-2010 2:22:41 AM CST
To Jesse: The Lord does not define the events of a life as legal or illegal. The Bible states that all things work together for good for those who serve the Lord. It is your task to find the blessing, in any experience.

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07-21-2010 2:08:11 AM CST
To Rhino: Yes

07-20-2010 10:24:08 AM CST
How has Jesus changed your life? Did he pay a bill, mow your yard, do anything like the Bible stories tell? What difference has he made?

07-19-2010 8:41:41 PM CST
Will the Lord prevent a crime from happening to a faithful Christian? If not, why? Wouldn't any caring father prevent a crime from happening to his child if he could?

07-19-2010 7:53:30 AM CST
The Bible says Christ was the son of God. Aren't we all the children of God's creation? Isn't God our Father as much as he was a Father to Christ?

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