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01-04-2014 7:38:33 AM CST
To Tito: The last words of Christ on the cross was "Forgive them ...". I would think that would be his greatest wish and prayer. It is only after you forgive someone can you earnestly seek to help them.

01-03-2014 7:46:34 AM CST
If Christ could have his one wish, what would it be?

Solo Answers
12-28-2013 2:45:19 AM CST
To Digger: The Bible is so full of the knowledge of life that it is impossible for anyone to retain all its wisdom in one reading. Although the words never change your perspective does. As you mature in life and in wisdom the Bible will continue to serve you in meeting the challenges you encounter.

12-27-2013 4:18:53 AM CST
How come it is that some people is always a readin the Bible over and over? Ain't one time good enough? The words nor the meanin don't change, or do they?

Solo Answers
12-26-2013 3:58:43 AM CST
To Beaver: You can follow Satan and get the food now, and the instant gratification of yet another sin, or you can wait on the Lord and be fed with a blessing. A person can go a long time without food and a lot of other things. It takes a strong person of character to do the right thing in times of peril.

12-25-2013 3:52:24 AM CST
If a person has no means to obtain food, is it wrong for them to steal food from the grocery store?

Solo Answers
12-22-2013 6:16:46 AM CST
To Seth: A personal relationship with Christ is much more than the concept of having hope or no hope. A personal relationship with Christ involves the whole person; their every need, want, desire and hope for happiness and the reduction of suffering. Eternal life in heaven is the gift of God when you are reborn into the spirit of Christ. For those who have been reborn into this spirit, the reality of it is undeniable.

12-20-2013 5:07:59 AM CST
Because no one has returned from the grave to verify that what we believe about the afterlife is true; the question becomes "is a false hope better than no hope" if what we believe is in fact not true.

Solo Answers
12-19-2013 2:27:15 AM CST
To Bags: The Lord chooses the day of your death not you or your doctor.

12-18-2013 2:25:59 AM CST
If I tell the doctor "Do not resuscitate" is that the same as assisted suicide? Is it biblically wrong? If I'm almost home, please don't stop me.

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12-15-2013 4:34:04 AM CST
You can be married and not live together; just as you can love your parents, but not able to live with them.

12-15-2013 4:29:33 AM CST
If not divorce, what then if a person is in an impossible situation?

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12-15-2013 4:26:20 AM CST
To Paulina: About divorce, you can cut off your arm and still live, but not comfortably. You can be paralyzed and still live, but not comfortably. You would always love and remember when you were whole, and this would be baggage you would take with you for the rest of your life.

12-15-2013 4:18:51 AM CST
Is divorce okay?

Solo Answers
12-15-2013 4:06:57 AM CST
To Pinky: If a person is narcissistic toward you they will be narcissistic toward others as well. Anti-social behavior is easily identified if you know what to look for. Foregoing mental illness, a sincere Christian would not take advantage of anyone.

12-13-2013 5:16:10 PM CST
Does the Bible teach us how to know if a person loves us, or loves what we do for them? I enjoy being the provider rather than the dependent but sometimes I wonder if its me or my wealth that my companion loves.

Solo Answers
12-12-2013 10:05:30 PM CST
To Bonk: I know you are very capable to neutralizing any abusive aggression you see, and you should, however before you put any extra effort into it, (you know 'the final touches') consider your consequences and most important the provocation that may have preceded the abuse. There are lawyers that have no respect for protectors like you. So be careful and be anonymous if possible. God will be on your side if you do the right thing.

12-11-2013 8:26:50 AM CST
Is it ok to smash someone I see abusing a woman or child?

Solo Answers
12-04-2013 11:58:31 PM CST
According to Bible principle and as it should be, when two people sincerely enter into a bond of marriage, both will die to self and become one entity together; just as it is when one accepts Christ into their life. The thought is no longer what is good for me but rather what is good for us. "Me" no longer exists. Marriage, like salvation, is a death to self, and self serving.

12-04-2013 11:12:34 PM CST
I have heard you say that a marriage is the same as a death; what do you mean by that?

Solo Answers
11-27-2013 5:14:55 AM CST
To Lolita: For lack of a better way to express it, having a personal relationship with Christ is like having an imaginary friend that you talk to and do things with. The difference is with an imaginary friend there is no real response however with Christ there is. It may take time for you to recognize and identify the difference between your own thoughts and those inspired by his spirit, but when you do, that is when the blessings and the love is so appreciated and desired.

11-24-2013 2:53:48 PM CST
What does it mean when people say "have a personal relationship" with Christ? How can you have a personal relationship with a spirit that cannot be touched, heard, seen, or felt?

Solo Answers
11-24-2013 5:18:29 AM CST
To Fernando: You don't have to respect the person but you do have to respect the position.

11-23-2013 1:42:20 AM CST
It is said that God picks the Leaders. Why then has he chosen such tyrannical people throughout history and then judged the society for it? So many societies have suffered horrific hardships because of their leaders; where is the grace in that equation?

Solo Answers
11-21-2013 10:28:44 PM CST
To Scout: In the past, Christians were center-stage in American health, education and welfare; not so much any more. To accurately predict the future you must create it.

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