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07-11-2013 12:05:36 AM CST
Do you have to go to church to be a Christian? or does going to church make you a Christian?

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07-10-2013 12:48:42 AM CST
To Farmer: Keep planting the seeds, don't quit, the harvest will come. Learn it, live it, believe it. You'll get it. That's a promise from God.

07-07-2013 10:33:35 AM CST
How do I get that faith as small as a mustard seed? I've tried every way I know how.

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07-06-2013 9:20:41 PM CST
To Lightening: You can't do one without the other.

07-06-2013 3:48:44 AM CST
So which is more important, being a good steward over the possessions and responsibilities the Lord has placed in my charge or should I spend my time pursuing Bible study and charitable activities? Right now, there are just not enough hours in the day to do both.

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07-02-2013 7:37:53 PM CST
To Bags: Some of it may be genic but most likely he learned it somewhere and it surely wasn't from the Bible. Do you teach your children Bible principles? Do you live the Bible principles? If yes, then it is probably not your child we are talking about.

07-01-2013 6:25:54 AM CST
You speak of the parent that alienates their child; what about the "strong willed" child that will not listen, obey or cooperate?

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06-30-2013 1:04:27 PM CST
To Desperado: Don't let one man's opinion rule your life. People do resist change but don't give up hope and effort. It takes a long time for some people to change but we all do. If you will focus on helping others, encouraging others, building up others, your own issues will become less important and may dissolve into the past. Most of the Bible is about regeneration; through spiritual thought your mind, body and soul can be reborn. Don't judge others because they don't sin the same as you. No one ever reaches perfection in this life, but by trying you will get better.

06-29-2013 4:39:45 PM CST
The Preacherman says because of my bad habits, which I don't seem to be able to overcome; I can't be a Christian. So why should I even try?

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06-29-2013 7:09:52 AM CST
To Chetos: I do not add or take away any words from God's scripture. One heaven, one God, one Hell, one way to get there; believe it, or not.

06-25-2013 11:12:48 PM CST
Do you think there is only one heaven where every Christian who ever was, or will be, goes when they die? or does Why would Heaven have many rooms?

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06-16-2013 8:21:36 PM CST
To Grasshopper: What you say has merit however if these immoral leaders influence the public to their way of thinking what will the future generations be like? When it rains everybody gets wet.

06-16-2013 2:36:14 AM CST
It seems to me that by removing God from the public forum that the people of ungodly character can and will publicly expose themselves so that we who do have Christian values can identify them and make better informed decisions as to whether we want to associate our children or ourselves with them. The Bible says to confess our sins and I guess that is what they are doing. Is that wrong? The politician that lies and steals and admits it; the fagot that teaches your children in school and so on. At least now we know who they are. God is not going away regardless of any changes in the law.

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06-11-2013 4:00:29 PM CST
To Icy: When a new baby is born, everything is new. If no one tells the baby that fire will burn the only way the baby will learn is by getting burned. There are thrills that kill and some dummys die; hopefully you will wise up before the cost gets to high. All that gliders is not gold.

06-11-2013 6:53:20 AM CST
If I don't live a Christian life is my life going to be miserable? Is God going to strike me dead or run over my foot with a steam roller? I know a lot of sinners out there that seem to be enjoying their life; what about them?

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06-04-2013 11:44:53 PM CST
To Teeter: A sociopath is a narcissistic person with a some added features. You will know them by their behavior and character traits. Many sociopaths claim to be Christians but are not. Sociopaths will tell you anything to get what they want. Can a sociopath be a real Christian; only God knows.

06-03-2013 9:23:50 PM CST
Is it possible for a true sociopath to be a Christian?

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05-31-2013 10:20:57 PM CST
To Skinner: I didn't say that at all. Man has passed laws that are against the laws of God but it does not change his laws and principles.

05-29-2013 6:59:35 AM CST
So your saying that it is not a sin if a person lies, cheats, steals, lames, murders, and destroys as long as it has the flag wrapped around it, as the motive.

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05-27-2013 8:44:12 AM CST
To Wishbone and Hotwire: Every wrong doing or sin begins with a thought. As the Bible states, evil thoughts are as much a sin as the action. The lack of self control is a weakness of the man and not a sin. What you do may define who you are among people who don't understand the origin of the action. Right or wrong, as I understand it, is based on the motive. A sinful action can be forgiven, however, forgiveness doesn't eliminate the consequence of it. God's justice is exact and superior to all others.

05-25-2013 3:08:51 AM CST
To Wishbone: Yeah, that does sound a little crazy. It's like if a man kills someone with a gun you should hate the gun not the man.

05-25-2013 2:56:13 AM CST
If what you do defines who you are; how then can you hate the sin and not the sinner?

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05-06-2013 9:06:32 PM CST
To Rocket: I followed that path. As a young man I tried to make more investment purchases (items that appreciate in value) than consumer purchases (items that depreciate in value); one job to live on and the other for investment. There is however a potential downside. Foregoing life today in attempt for an easy life tomorrow can backfire on you. As in my case all it took was a couple of horrific perjuries by a few jealous relatives, about me to a court to destroy my retirement plan. What may be a better path is to find that skill you enjoy, innovate and enjoy pursuing it. If you do that you will never work a day in your life. For it is only work if there is something else you would rather be doing. What would you do for free? That is probably what you should pursue as a career. Avarice people are not happy people.

05-06-2013 8:06:03 PM CST
Is it wrong to approach life working laboriously (2 jobs) for many years to reach the goal of having my money work for me rather than me working for my money?

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05-06-2013 7:54:35 PM CST
To Ahab: What man has done by inciting war; God has historically accomplished through nature. God's justice is blind to political boundaries but rather to what lies in the heart of the people. This is held true from the micro level to the macro level of mankind. People will reap what they sow be it peace or war, good or evil.

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