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11-30-2015 7:12:07 AM CST
The Bible describes Heaven as a far better place than planet earth why then does the Bible also encourage for us to seek long life? Why do Christians do all they can to defer going to Heaven as long as possible?

Solo Answers
11-27-2015 10:59:45 AM CST
To Oscar: No person, place or thing on this hell-like planet is immune to the evils of Satan. To maintain your sanity keep Heaven as your go-to place for peace, and Christ as your comfort and joy. With the Lord as your saviour, he will correct any misguiding you may encounter.

11-18-2015 6:16:15 PM CST
If the Bible is the word of God why then is he allowing the words and meanings to be changed? If a person compares the early versions of the Bible to the new ones being published many verses have been deleted, changed, or have discrediting footnotes.

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10-22-2015 10:35:09 AM CST
To Roper: Everything about you and the world in which you live is sourced by the Lord. How those resources are developed and used is a matter of choice. The Lord is trustworthy, it is the thoughts and actions of the mind that must be discerned.

Solo Answers
10-22-2015 10:34:57 AM CST
To Roper: Everything about you and the world in which you live is sourced by the Lord. How those resources are developed and used is a matter of choice. The Lord is trustworthy, it is the thoughts and actions of the mind that must be discerned.

10-21-2015 3:52:29 AM CST
It is hard to trust a God that I can not see, touch, or feel. Do you really have that kind of faith?

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10-20-2015 12:00:27 AM CST
To Gur: Some people will say anything to get what they want, in the moment; others say what they mean and mean what say. Some people expect the Lord to cater to their wants and desires while the sincere Christian adheres to the Lord, unconditionally, in repentance, and by reinventing themselves into the spiritual likeness of Christ.

10-15-2015 12:49:27 AM CST
How come it is that when some people ask the Lord for salvation, nothing happens nothing changes, but for others it is a monumental event that changes everything for life?

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10-08-2015 12:03:15 AM CST
If something works does it matter if it is totally true or not? I choose to believe it is true and in doing so my life has been better I have lived on both sides of the fence and good is better. The Bible is the best good guide I've found

10-07-2015 11:53:30 PM CST
Do you believe the Bible to be the infallible word of God?

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10-07-2015 5:40:23 AM CST
To Ajax: The fact that you are alive is a miracle in itself. There are miracles going on all around you, you must just have the eye to see them.

09-28-2015 11:47:09 PM CST
Does Jesus still do miracles like he did in the Bible?

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09-13-2015 3:42:51 AM CST
To Hot Hands: Many health attributes have been associated with laughing both physically and mentally. However, I am not aware of any scripture that implies or refers to God laughing.

Hot Hands
09-05-2015 12:32:17 AM CST
Does God laugh?

Solo Answers
08-17-2015 5:38:50 PM CST
To Poppy: I am not the gatekeeper at Heaven's door, nor do I claim to have all the answers. The Bible is the only creed I follow and accordingly the fallen child of unaccountable mental capacity is welcomed before the Lord. A person of any age could be considered a child in spirit if there has been no exposure to the teachings of Christ and is a judgement call I cannot make. If the Lord wants to make himself known to anyone, he will, period, no contingencies. Then there is a choice to be made. I do not discount the deity of Christ, the importance of the Cross, or the prayer request for salvation. For me, the personal relationship with Christ is a daily blessing.

08-17-2015 5:10:12 PM CST
Solo, are you suggesting a person can enter Heaven having never known and accepted Christ as their savior?

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08-03-2015 5:02:01 AM CST
To Seahorse: Throughout the Bible many tribes were purged from God's presence. The causes were many, but the reason was one. God placed his spirit in every human ever born; some call your good conscience, a gut feeling, karma, the holy spirit and many other terms. I suggest everyone knows God even if not by name. If you choose to do the right thing then you are following the teaching of Christ even if you don't know him by name. God doesn't condemn anyone; it is the choices a person makes in life that condemns or saves them.

07-31-2015 1:00:47 AM CST
...because he didn't know Christ. Please help me to understand the love in that.

07-31-2015 12:57:55 AM CST
A child is born, in a foreign land, in a community that worships God by a different name and a different set of rules, the child has no knowledge of Christianity but lives and dies by the rules of the God of the religion taught. And God is going to condemn that child to Hell because he didn\\

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07-25-2015 12:53:11 AM CST
To Zane: If you will learn the scriptures of the Bible, as you go through the experiences of life the wisdom will reveal itself in a personal and profound way. The wise man will recognize the parallels of the proverbs and Biblical stories to his current issues. Happiness is found by connecting with the present. What role do the holy spirit and Biblical wisdom play in your daily life?

07-19-2015 10:50:16 PM CST
Sometimes the iconic wisdom of the Bible seems ambiguous, how do you discern the correct interpretation of the scripture?

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07-15-2015 8:33:49 PM CST
To Sassy: for me, without the Lord's help I can't be the person I want to be for him.

07-13-2015 6:06:37 AM CST
Does the Lord want us to be dependent upon him rather than confident in our own abilities?

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06-25-2015 2:14:59 AM CST
To T-Bone: The communists/socialists have taken control of America by the people's choice. If your allegiance is to a political system you have much to worry about. If your allegiance is to God you have nothing to worry about.

06-24-2015 5:41:46 PM CST
Why would God allow America to be overthrown by communists?

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