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12-31-2011 7:46:45 AM CST
Who was Niccol├│ Machiavelli (1469-1527)? a good man or bad? His book "The Prince" to be feared or favored?

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12-30-2011 1:52:27 AM CST
To Franz: Do you think God may have known you would be there to save your loved one from the train? Self destruction is an act of mental disability. I am not aware of any universal answer to the causes of disabilities.

12-28-2011 8:23:41 PM CST
You say if it is love there has to be the opportunity of choice. If a loved one is about to step in front of a fast train do you give them the choice or do you restrain them? Why does God allow us to do harmful things to ourselves?

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12-28-2011 2:37:10 AM CST
To Chanel: See John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son ...

12-27-2011 2:11:57 AM CST
Where in the Bible does Jesus or God state that the crucification of Jesus was the atonement of all sin for all mankind, past, present and future?

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12-27-2011 2:07:48 AM CST
To Festus: If God procreated a son would he also be a God? Perhaps Jesus did not say directly that he was God but he did say that if you had seen him you had seen the father.

12-26-2011 8:12:40 AM CST
Did Jesus say he was God?

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12-24-2011 3:30:34 PM CST
To Taxi: I agree, Christmas really should be around September, however our calendar and holidays were made by pagan rulers way back before we was born. The thinking was December 25 is the end of the winter solstice and the most depressing time of the year, so they made that the date to celebrate the birth of Christ.

12-24-2011 3:09:23 AM CST
How do we know that Christmas really occurred on December 25th? Seems like the description of the season in the Bible indicates it should be in the late Summer or early Fall.

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12-22-2011 2:14:14 AM CST
To Shorai: The Bible states that the Lord tells us not to worry for what we will eat or wear. Who do you believe, your hunger pains or the word of God? Sin is sin regardless of the circumstance.

12-21-2011 1:48:15 PM CST
Does poverty justify sin? If I am starving isn't it ok for me to steal some food if I have to?

12-20-2011 3:42:57 PM CST
To Gogo: Do you ever ask the Lord what you can do for him?

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12-20-2011 12:42:06 PM CST
To Gogo: Have you read the Lord's prayer lately? Is your prayer for help, forgiveness, and thanks for yourself or for others?

12-18-2011 3:34:29 PM CST
What do you pray for beside help, thanks, and forgiveness?

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12-13-2011 11:07:34 PM CST
To Simba: Time will bring peace and forgiveness for the Godly, but increased torment to the demon possessed. Revenge will not restore your disabilities but rather add to them. Rise above those demonic people and be blessed through daily prayer.

12-13-2011 7:03:56 AM CST
How do I escape the torment of the sins committed against me? I want to forgive. I can even say I do, but in my heart it's a lie. The sins I am talking about were intentional to disable my life and they do every day of my life. Thoughts of revenge race through my mind every night before I try to sleep, I pray but it doesn't seem to make them go away. Can you help? If thoughts can be sin how then can you be angry but not sin?

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12-11-2011 7:24:25 PM CST
To Mephisto: Your spouse.

12-11-2011 8:16:34 AM CST
According to Biblical principals, from a fatal tradegy, which do you save first, your spouse or your child?

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12-08-2011 9:52:17 PM CST
To Torbjorn: Lying is stealing.

12-06-2011 2:39:51 PM CST
Why is lying considered just as sinful as stealing, everybody does it?

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12-06-2011 7:56:55 AM CST
To Abigail: A child is born with both good and evil. The sin of Adam and the Spirit of God known as your conscience.

12-05-2011 2:40:05 AM CST
Is a child born evil then learns good, or born good and learns evil?

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12-05-2011 2:34:06 AM CST
To Trusty: It would depend on your definition of moderation. Moderate to some people is less extreme than what it is to others. Some people believe all of the Bible; others only believe the parts that suit them.

12-03-2011 10:20:44 AM CST
What does it mean to exercise my faith in moderation? What is a moderate Christian?

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12-01-2011 8:51:20 PM CST
To Salty: Rather than over analyze the cause of demonic behavior let us focus on the cure which is the belief of Christ's power to help us learn and live the good conscience and principals of God's word in the Bible.

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