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07-19-2010 7:47:01 AM CST
To Mule: You never Have to stop sinning for the Lord to forgive you. If you want the Lord in your life, just as you would do for anyone you care about, you will want to please them. You do not have to forgive anyone but if the Lord's spirit is in you, you will.

07-17-2010 4:53:33 AM CST
Does a person have to stop sinning before the Lord will forgive? Does a person have to stop sinning before I will forgive?

Solo Answers
07-13-2010 3:00:21 AM CST
To Gunner: There are angels of good and bad. Angels are spiritual workers that facilitate the good or evil deeds of the master they serve. God's angels can protect, provide, and guide you in times of trouble. Satan's angels will lead you to destruction. Your choice.

Solo Answers
07-13-2010 2:52:57 AM CST
To Lacy: The greatest atrocity may be different for different people. The universal answer would be: The greatest atrocity is anything that prevents or hinders you from growing in the love of the Lord.

Solo Answers
07-13-2010 2:43:01 AM CST
To Boogyman: You are still the captain of your ship. God gives you the cargo and the maps but what you do with them is your free will. You must take care of your ship and deliver the cargo in good order. If you do that then you have good reason to be happy with your accomplishments. If you follow the map the Lord provides sailing the oceans of life, self esteem will be the reward of a job well done.

07-09-2010 11:33:00 PM CST
Please, Tell me more about Angels.

07-09-2010 3:53:12 AM CST
What is the greatest atrocity in the WORLD, today, that we as Christians should be praying for?

07-09-2010 3:47:54 AM CST
How many people do you know that have downloaded a copy of the Bible to their cell phone or an SD card or their Ipod? offers the d/l.

07-09-2010 3:36:22 AM CST
If everything in my life comes from God, then how do I ever have a sense of personal accomplishment and self esteem?

Solo Answers
07-07-2010 10:20:28 PM CST
To Backfire: Blood is thicker than water.

Solo Answers
07-07-2010 10:18:41 PM CST
To Taps:LOL Your trying to trip me up aren't you? Life is what you make it. Life is what you don't have without Christ. (See more definitions in other areas of this website)

The Doorman
07-07-2010 4:52:04 AM CST
To Razor: You got to be careful who you get to read the Salvation prayer. I knew this gay guy that frequently commented about how there is no God, so I asked him to just read the sinners prayer out loud to me; he didn't have to believe it, just read it. He agreed. Several days later his boyfriend was angry with me, because that guy had moved out and started dating this Christian girl. Go figure!

07-07-2010 4:34:05 AM CST
What is Life?

07-06-2010 12:13:19 AM CST
Why the Blood?

07-05-2010 2:59:58 PM CST
To razor: I had a friend like that. What I did was to get a copy of the sinner's prayer for salvation then asked my friend to read it out loud to me, several times. Then folded it up and put it in her billfold. While she was reading I was quietly praying for her. You would be amazed how just reading the words can affect or change a person. Of course I tried to live a life with such happiness (for her to see) that the pope would be jealous. Eventually, I was able to convince my friend she was saved because of the prayer, whether she believed it or not. There was more we had to do, but that got the ball rolling.

07-05-2010 2:09:51 PM CST
How do I lead a non-believer to Christ? They currently locked into an addiction of hard time with the Devil and don't think they can be saved. How do I get them to want to want the spirit? This person is in the self mutilation, out of control, state of mind.

Solo Answers
07-04-2010 10:46:16 PM CST
To Trix: In other languages there are several different words to describe the type or meaning of the word, love. In English the subject word requires a prepositional phrase or an adjective to clarify the intended meaning. Therefore being "in love" implies a personal or romantic type of love, whereby "to love" is mostly thought of as a sense of platonic affection. The superficial Christian "loves" God, as long as the concept doesn't interfere with their life. The sincere Christian is "in love" with Christ and lives to please and serve him at any cost. This person would take the bullet for Christ. Really. So which is it, for you?

Solo Answers
07-04-2010 10:20:50 PM CST
To Trigger: The Bible is time tested. In 2000+ years no one has disproved the authenticity or proved any fallibility in the writings of the Holy Bible. The Bible has been challenged by the best of the best geniuses throughout all of written history. The writings and principles remain to stand true.

07-04-2010 3:47:02 PM CST
How do you know the Bible is really the word of God?

07-03-2010 8:19:13 PM CST
What is the difference in loving someone, and being in love with someone? Are we supposed to love Jesus, or be in love with Jesus?

07-03-2010 2:02:30 AM CST
Hey Slick: It could have been that Solomon felt that way at that moment in his life. He didn't feel that way before then, and maybe not later than then.

Solo Answers
07-03-2010 1:56:56 AM CST
To Slick: Solomon asked for wisdom not happiness. We must acknowledge that Solomon had a right to his own opinion. Perhaps he was to smart for his own britches.

Solo Answers
07-01-2010 11:41:42 PM CST
To JFFunn: When will Christ return? Here's a thought - When all the sinners are dead. When the true superior race is achieved. When the all world's people consist of followers of Christ only. Others might say he's here now in the heart and souls of those who believe.

Solo Answers
07-01-2010 10:28:49 PM CST
To Snake: The reasons are many; the results are the same, peace, love, and happiness.

Solo Answers
07-01-2010 10:24:24 PM CST
Yo Chaser: If you have the coolest unpretentious persona, with a velvet touch centered around the principles of the Lord, of anyone they know, chances are they will want to be like you, near you, or want what you have. There is no greater attractor to sincere Love than sincere Love. Live with the Christian smile of confidence.

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