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06-21-2010 9:33:01 AM CST
To Nemesis, PattyCakes, & Jet - I could have lived my whole life without hearing what you guys are saying. Don't need no nemesis, there is a reason that gang was chosen, and it is easy to see through a superfical Christian.

06-19-2010 1:14:55 AM CST
In Greek mythology, the Goddess "Nemesis" was the God of revenge; anybody need an avenging prayer partner?

06-19-2010 1:08:43 AM CST
In humor, why have fishermen always been known as the biggest liars..? Sure do wish Jesus had chosen a different group of men for his gang.

06-18-2010 2:09:39 AM CST
How can you tell the difference between the true christian, and the weakling, feather doctor, or lazy bum hiding behind Christianity as an excuse to do nothing? It is easy to use the excuse as a reason.

06-16-2010 12:00:50 PM CST
Wouldn't it be cool if we could get more real Christians into the law and political fields to help clean-up all the corruption they are known for. The reputation is unfair for the few honest lawyers and politicians.

06-16-2010 9:24:39 AM CST
Why do people want to throw knives at people who aren't like them? I know lawyers do it for money, but not all people are as sick as them. Rock on Boygirl.

Solo Answers
06-16-2010 7:56:39 AM CST
To Boygirl: God's love is universal. He is no respecter of man (meaning he does not consider demographics or human nature). If you are sincere in your convictions to the Lord, and are at peace within your heart about your life, who am I to say it is wrong? Does a mother love her boy child more or differently from her daughter? I think not.

06-16-2010 5:55:18 AM CST
Does God love Males and Females differently? Is it wrong that I would my girlfriend as much as my boyfriend? The three of us are climbing the mountain together. I believe he loves us equally, also. (FFM)

Solo Answers
06-13-2010 11:21:09 PM CST
To Crosswire and Echo: Being an active Christian is not easy, for Satan will confront you every step of the way. May the Lord judge your wrongs by your causes.

06-13-2010 11:03:35 PM CST
To Echo: Self preservation does! Have you ever been on the wrong side of a reckless loaded gun?

06-11-2010 1:14:48 PM CST
Just because the politicians and lawyers wrap an American flag around it doesn't automatically make it okay to sin (kill, lie, cheat, steal, covet, torture, ...)

06-10-2010 6:47:37 AM CST
What's the difference in 8 hrs. of ipod and 8 hrs. of corrupt business or politics everyday?

06-08-2010 5:28:03 AM CST
Is your voice music to their ears? 8 hours a day of ipod music in their ear vs. what, 30 minutes, maybe 60 minutes, of your precious time for your children. Wonder, where their values are coming from?

06-03-2010 11:51:29 AM CST
Solo, I think I starting to get it. I'm getting this prickly feeling inside, with the good God's spirit. I like this side of me much better. Thanks Lord.

06-03-2010 6:17:56 AM CST
Ok, I did the salvation prayer, but I don't feel any different, what now?

Solo Answers
06-03-2010 1:57:42 AM CST
To Crusher: Professor Greenleaf was a Harvard Professor that put the resurrection of Jesus on Trial in a court of Law. He also authored many of the procedures used in US courts concerning the rules of evidence. (ref:

06-02-2010 1:21:58 PM CST
Do you know who Professor Simon Greenleaf is, was, did?

06-01-2010 12:19:42 PM CST
What can I do to make this world a better place to live? Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
05-31-2010 12:51:39 PM CST
To Pinky - I don't believe there has ever been a person that has had a life without struggle or suffering. A strong spiritual life makes the struggles and sufferings easier to bear.

Solo Answers
05-31-2010 12:38:50 PM CST
To SunShine - You sound like a really nice chick. Would you send me a picture of your boat. LOL

05-30-2010 6:32:01 AM CST
Can you tell me the name of any character in the Bible that led a blessed life from start to finish? I am trying to find a story in the Bible where the character was blessed by God from cradle to the grave without any suffering or incident. Does it exist?

05-29-2010 10:53:47 AM CST
To Junior: Like Jesus, I've always tried to show love, and speak if I have to. Actions speak louder than words.

05-29-2010 10:27:52 AM CST
I have looked but I can't find it. Where in the Bible is the phrase "I love you" spoken by God or Jesus? The phrase is used in the past tense and future tense but not the present tense. What's up with that?

05-28-2010 1:24:06 PM CST
I don't have a religion just a relationship.

05-28-2010 11:33:03 AM CST
To Yard Dog - You can never give a whippin like the Lord can, and will. Sit back a minute and watch.

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